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General Info

  • Mikey and Molly (the two monkeys) assist you in the ice cream bar and they have been thoroughly trained at a circus to make a great job. They really loves helping you out - but the customers love them even more! :)

  • You can build up a long queue of tasks for Anna, and she will do them in the same order as you have requested. That goes for Molly too.

  • The cone and plate can have several scoops of ice cream, but it doesn't matter which order you add them.

  • You can buy different fruits in the store and give it to Molly when she is tired and moves slowly.

  • When Mikey gets an ice cream that no customer have ordered he will either throw it in the garbage or choose to eat it up if he feels hungry.

  • You can click on the feed button on the left side of the conveyer to temporarily speed up the conveyer.

  • You can see how many scoops of ice creams that are currently left in the ice cream box, by the three small symbols in the top of the box. But it's only shown when there are 3 or fewer scoops left.

  • You can right click on the ice cream box to pick it up and refill it in the ice cream machine. You can refill it even if it’s not completely empty. Preferably you refill it in advance when you get a calmer period.

  • When a group of 2, 3 or 4 customers comes to the same table at the same time they are coming as a customer group, and then they will also leave at the same time.

Customers Patience

  • The darker a customers' cloud is the less patience have the customer left.

  • The cloths and flowers is not only to make your ice cream bar looking a lot nicer, they also affect the customers mood too.

  • You can buy cookies and lemonades in the store to serve the customers to make them happier.

  • You can only serve one cookie or one glass of lemonade at the same time.

  • If there are several customers at the same table the one with the least patience left will get the cookie or lemonade.

  • You can only serve a certain amount of cookies and lemonade to each customer, and then they will not accept any more. If they accept the treat the customers' cloud will flash.

  • By entertaining your customers by juggling and playing music & dance, you will make all the customers in your ice cream bar happier.

  • The customers have different personalities. Most importantly are the patience which differ a lot, the business man and sporty girl having much less patience than the old man and woman. The time it takes for them to order and eat is different too, and they respond different when you give treats and entertaining them.

Saving Some Clicks :)

  • You don't need to click on the table to put down the jar with topping (with (cherries, chocolate sauce or sprinkles) after you have used it, as Anna will automatically do that when you give her a new task. But sometimes it can save you some time though.

  • You don't need to click on the garbage station to let Molly throw the dish she is holding, she will do it automatically when she got a new task to do.

  • You only need to click once at a table when there are dish and trash from several customers, to pick it all up.

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