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How to Play

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How to Make an Ice Cream

  1. In the cloud above the customer you see what ice cream is ordered.
  2. Begin to make the ice cream by choosing cone, cup or plate, and it will be added to the conveyer.
  3. Pick up one ice cream ball of the desired flavor from the ice cream box.
  4. Click on the cup, cone or plate on the conveyer to add the ice cream ball to it.
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add several ice cream balls. The order in which you add the ice cream balls doesn’t matter.
  5. If the customer has ordered an ice cream with a topping, click on the desired topping on the desk and Anna will pick it up.
  6. Click on the ice cream to add the topping.
When the ice cream is ready just wait for Mikey to add the ice cream to the tray. When an ice cream on the conveyer is ready, you can press the button with an arrow located on the counter, and the conveyer will temporarily speed up.Tip: make sure you serve your customers quickly - you will earn a lot more!

How to Serve the Customers

  1. Click on the tray with one or more ice creams and Molly will pick it up.
  2. Click on the customers’ tables to serve the ice creams to the customers.

Tip: if you serve several customers at the same table at the same time you will get additional tips!

How to Entertain the Customers
If a customer's mood seems low you can make them happier by letting Molly entertain them with many different tricks taught at the circus! They will then wait a bit longer for the ice cream to be served, and this can be a great help for you if you have many customers to serve and a lot to do!

If a customer is in need of a napkin, you’d better bring one or the customer will stay and occupy a chair! Napkins are unlimited.

When Molly seems slow and tired you can throw her a fruit.

Cookies and Lemonade
If a customer's mood seems low, you can let Molly bring him or her some lemonade or a cookie, bought at the store. The customer will then become happier and wait a bit longer to be served.

Golden Ice Cream
Make sure to pick up the golden ice creams that appears on the conveyer. If you collect five of them you will be greatly rewarded!

Golden Star
If you are doing well you will be awarded a golden star that increases the star rating of your ice cream bar!

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