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Tips & Tricks

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General Tips

  • When an ice cream on the conveyer is ready, you can press the conveyer feed button and the conveyer will temporarily speed up.

  • If you pick up five golden ice creams you will be greatly awarded.

  • There are a lot of different trophies that you can get from the Uncle. Make sure to listen to his tips when you get one, because then you will do even better and know better hot to get the silver and gold trophies!

  • Throw Molly a fruit now and then to keep her working fast, and not only when she is tired and slow. This makes a huge difference.

  • When you have trained Molly different tricks at the circus, make sure to use these tricks now and then to keep all your customers happy.

Make More Money

  • You will earn a lot more by getting extra tips if you serve your customers quickly.

  • If your deliver a order very fast, the customer will much likely make a second order.

  • You will earn a little more when serving a customer that makes a second order, they have a yellow glow that surrounds the cloud.

  • It's optional to decorate the ice creams with small umbrellas, cocktail sticks etc., but if you do you will get a lot more tips.

  • If you serve several customers at the same table at the same time you will get additional tips.

  • Make sure to give a napkin to customers who request that, or else he/she will not leave until you do. If you quickly give napkins you will be able to serve many more customers during the day.

  • No customer wants to sit at a the table if there is dish or trash, so make sure to clean the tables from dishes and trash as soon as possible, as this will ensure that you will be able to serve many more customers during the day.

  • All customers in a customer group will wait until all customers have been served and finished eating before they leave. It's therefore important to serve all the customers in a customer’s group, or else these customers will just sit and wait and occupy the chair, and you will not be able to serve as many customers as you else would have.

Handling Inpatient Customers
  • In a critical situation when you think a customer will leave at any time, you can let Molly play a tune on the barrel organ (if you own one of course), as this will immediacy make the customer happy.

  • For most customers the cookies and lemonade can be served several times to each customer if needed to make them happier, but playing on the barrel organ or juggling will only affect the customers once.

  • The sporty girl do not like cookies at all, serving lemonade is a much better idea.

Game Options

  • It's easier to get all the clicks right when playing in full screen, especially avoiding clicking outside the screen when trying to click on the feed button for the conveyer. You change this setting in the Options dialog.

  • It's much nicer feel to play with the custom cursors. You change this setting in the Options dialog.
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